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Night Pearl IR510+

The Night Pearl IR510+ became a famous mate of many hunters in record short time. Thanks to the red colour mode all users can find everything in no time. Night Pearl IR510+ works perfect during daytime and also during the night, fog or even heavy rain. The calibration is almost inaudible and lifetime of battery is about 5 hours, which is a help to every good hunter.

Now also with internal storage and Wi-Fi connection.

Warranty 36 months.


Technical parametrs:

Magnification  1x digital 2x, 4x
Pixel Array Format 400 x 300px
Objective 19 mm
Lens System F1:1
Refresh Rate 50 Hz(PAL)/60Hz(NTSC)
Display OLED
Battery Life 5 hod
Operating Temperature -20°C / +50°C
Dimensions 66mm x 62mm x 158mm
Weight 305g


Thermovisions Night Pearl IR510+ is no longer available!

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