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Night Pearl IR510X

The Night Pearl IR510X - The novelty of 2017. Thanks to the red colour mode all users can find everything in no time. Night Pearl IR510X works perfect during daytime and also during the night, fog or even heavy rain. The calibration is almost inaudible and lifetime of battery is about 4 - 5 hours, which is a help to every good hunter.


Warranty 36 months.


Technical parametrs:

Magnification  1x digital 2x, 4x
Pixel Array Format 400 x 300px
Objective 25 mm - focusing 
Lens System F1:1
Refresh Rate 50 Hz(PAL)/60Hz(NTSC)
Display OLED
Battery Life 4 - 5 hod
Operating Temperature -20°C / +50°C
Dimensions 168 mm×67 mm×62 mm
Weight 375 g

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