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Night Pearl IR517

The Night Pearl IR517 is a long-awaited camera with the best powerful thermal imaging core on the market. The camera’s resolution is 640x480px. The Night Pearl IR517 offers a system of changeable objectives for clear picture and usable magnifi­cation. Thanks to the changeable objectives you can have three devices at unbeatable price. The Night Pearl IR517 provides great image for professional hunters as well as security agency. Generally it will suit everyone’s request to recognize objects on long distances. The new Night Pearl IR517 can take a picture and share it by Wi-Fi connection with other devices.

Warranty 36 months.



1x digital  2x, 4x

Pixel Array Format 

640x480 px


35 mm
Lens System F0:85
Refresh rate 25 Hz (PAL) / 30 Hz (NTSC) 
Display 1280x960 HD True-color
Battery Life 6 h
Operating Temperature -20°C / +60°C
Dimensions 218mm x 80mm x 71 mm
Weight 800g


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