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Night Pearl Scops 35 MAX II

Ultimate new thermal imagine camera Night Pearl Scops 35 MAX II is designed for professional hunters and police needs very good image quality. The Scops 35 MAX II has resolution 640x512 px and objective with 35 mm lens. The focusing objective improve hunting game. Professional camera with several colour pallets, new VOx sensor using 12 ųm technology and 2x/4x digital zoom, Rangefinder, Hot Spot Tracking. Night Pearl Scops 35 MAX II will help to all hunters looking for device on long distances. The Scops 35 MAX II allows read trophy on longer distance as users can imagine.


Magnification 2,5x, digital 2x, 4x
Pixel Array Format 640x512 px, VOx 12 µm
Objective lens 35 mm
Field of view 12,5° x 10,0°
Lens System F1:0
Refresh Rate 50 Hz (PAL) / 60 Hz (NTSC)
Display LCOS, 1280x960 px
Color palette Warm black, Warm white, Warm red, Pseudo Color, Highlight
Video Output yes
Wi-Fi yes
Photo, Video yes
App yes
Laser pointer depending on the available model
Digital Compass yes
Motion Senzor yes
LED light no
PIP (Picture in Picture) yes (8x Magnification)

Detection distance

target 1,7 m x 0,5 m, P(n) 99%


1818 m


IP rating IP66
Battery life up 6 h
Battery buil-in, Li-Ion 3,7 V, 3600 mAh
Operating Temperature - Recommended -10°C / +50°C
Dimensions 188 mm x 65 mm x 64 mm
Weight 450 g
Warranty 36 month


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