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Night Pearl SEER 50

The Night Pearl SEER 50 thermal clip on converts your existing day scope to thermal and provides excellent target acquisition and aiming capabilities for the demanding sports shooter, varmint hunter, military, law enforcement, or security personnel. The Night Pearl SEER 50 thermal clip on simply mount in front of your own standard day optical sight, allows the user to maintain consistent eye relief and shooting position, and because the user views his own day scope’s reticle which he familiar with, no training is required.


Magnification  1x
Zoom (only for observation) 2x, 4x, PIP
Pixel array format 384x288 px, ASi
Objective  50 mm 
Lens system F1:1
Refresh rate 50 Hz (PAL) / 60 Hz (NTSC)
Display  OLED, 1024x768 px
Color palette Basic image mode is “White Hot”, other C1~C10
Detection (1,7 m) 1800 m
Recognition (1,7 m) 600 m
Battery life 3 hours at 20°C
Operating temperature -40°C / +60°C 
Dimensions 167 mm x 65 mm x 67 mm
Weight  400 g
Warranty 36 months / Monate 


Note: Digital magnification 2x and 4x as well as PIP mode are designed for monocular mode only, not for Clip-on.


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