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Night Pearl TS445

Thermal weapon sight Night Pearl TS445 is a suitable solution for each hunter in middle range distance. The new Night Pearl TS445 includes to thermal vision sights and is surving as a priceless helper for daily hunting and observing of nature. The objective has diameter 45mm and provides sharp image in each situation. The device has thermal imaging core with resolution 400x300px. Recommended by hunters for perfect experiences.

Warranty 36 months.


Magnification 2,8x digital 2x
Pixel Array Format 400x300px
Objective 45mm
Lens System F1:00
Refresh Rate 50 Hz (PAL) / 60 Hz (NTSC)
Display OLED 800x600
Battery Life 5h
Operating Temperature -40°C/+60°C
Dimensions 180mmx80mmx71mm
Weight 630g


This product is no longer available, please contact us!

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