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Night Pearl TS870

Another novelty of 2017 is a thermal imaging sight Night Pearl TS470 or TS870. This sight is offered with thermography core resolution of 400x300 px or 800 x 600 px. Unique detector resolution of 800 x 600 px with 17μm pixel pitch guarantees perfect image even at long distances. Night Pearl TS470/TS480 is designed for professional hunters requiring a precise shot at a long distance. Lens with a diameter of 70 mm guarantees the deer recognition at a distance of about 1000 meters. This novelty from Night Pearl TS series disposes 6 different hunting reticles and memory for 6 different shooting positions. Each hunter will also appreciate the mute calibration as well as the possibility of choice from image color palettes (Warm black, Warm white, Warm red).


Warranty 36 months.


Technical parameters TS870 :

Magnification  2,3x, digital 2x
Pixel Array Format 800 x 600px
Objective 70 mm
Lens System F1:12
Refresh Rate 50 Hz(PAL)/60Hz(NTSC)
Display OLED 1280x960 px
Battery Life 4 h
Operating Temperature -20°C / +60°C
Dimensions 297 x 73 x 101 mm
Weight 1085 g


This product is no longer available, please contact us!

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